A01 Vs A02 Honda Filter

There are many different types of filters that can be used on a Honda car and it can be confusing to know which one to use. The A01 and A02 filters are both good choices, but there are some differences between them. The A01 filter is a bit more expensive, but it will last longer and does a better job of filtering out impurities.

The A02 filter is less expensive, but it needs to be replaced more often.

A01 and A02 Honda filters are both designed to protect your engine, but they serve different purposes. A01 filters are oil filters that remove contaminants from the oil as it circulates through the engine. A02 filters are air filters that prevent dust and other particles from entering the engine.

Honda Oil Filter Comparison: 15400-PLM-A01 and 15400-PLM-A02


This is a Honda part number for a specific model of car. The part is a rear passenger-side door lock actuator.

What Size are Honda Oil Filters?

Honda oil filters come in a variety of sizes, depending on the model of the Honda vehicle. The most common size is the 20mm x 1.5mm thread, which is used on most Honda models. Other sizes include the 18mm x 1.5mm thread and the 22mm x 1.5mm thread.

Who Makes 15400 Plm A02?

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How Long are Honda Oil Filters Good For?

Honda oil filters are designed to last for the lifetime of your vehicle. However, if you do a lot of driving in dusty or dirty conditions, you may need to replace your filter more often.

How Can I Tell If My Honda Oil Filter is Real?

There are a few ways that you can tell if your Honda oil filter is real. One way is to look at the packaging. If it doesn’t say “Honda” on the packaging, then it’s likely not a genuine Honda oil filter.

Another way to tell is by looking at the part number on the filter itself. Genuine Honda oil filters will have a specific part number that starts with “15400.” If the part number on your filter doesn’t match this, then it’s probably not a genuine Honda oil filter.

Finally, you can always take your filter to a Honda dealership and they can verify whether or not it’s a genuine Honda oil filter.


When choosing the right oil filter for your Honda, you may be wondering what the difference is between A01 and A02 filters. Both are high-quality options that will keep your engine running smoothly, but there are a few key differences to consider. A01 filters are designed for use with conventional oil, while A02 filters are compatible with synthetic oil.

If you’re unsure which type of oil to use in your Honda, check the owner’s manual or ask a professional at your local auto shop. A01 filters typically have a higher capacity than A02 filters, meaning they can hold more dirt and debris before needing to be replaced. However, A02 filters tend to flow better than A01 filters, so they may provide better engine protection in some cases.

Ultimately, the best oil filter for your Honda depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you’re not sure which option is right for you, consult with a professional or refer to your owner’s manual for guidance.

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