Can Air Filter Cause Check Engine Light?

Vehicle owners sometimes notice the check engine light on their vehicle’s dashboard. This warning signal means the OBD system has detected a fault in the vehicle’s emissions, ignition, fuel or exhaust system. But have you ever noticed it? Some of our clients have found this problem, and they suspect the air filter. So, you want to know, “Can air filter cause check engine light?”

Today it has become a common question. So, we think it’s important to answer. It is not the air filter that causes the check engine light. Only a dirty air filter can cause check engine light. But, when your security guard is not healthy, you deserve a problem in your system. So, the engine light gives you a warning.

Why Check Engine Light Causes?

Check engine light is on when there is something wrong in your vehicle system. It tells you to check the engine. It tells you that something could be big or small, but your engine health is not good. It can pop due to something as small as a loose gas cap. On the other hand, it could also mean a significant engine failure.

However, there are many reasons behind the check engine light being on. Therefore, we will show five reasons why check engine light is on.

  • The oxygen sensor gets covered with oil ash.
  • Faulty gas cap.
  • Faulty spark plug.
  • Contaminated air filter.
  • Transmission problems.
  • Damaged module and sensor.

How Air Filter Causes Check Engine Light?

An engine needs to measure how much air is entering the machine to determine the fuel level of the engine. Basically, a mass airflow sensor does this job. But this work can be affected because of dirt and debris. Since MAS is a part of the engine, it needs to be protected from dirt buildup. Here, the air filter performs like a game changer. 

We all know the task of the air filter. It prevents dirt and protects the engine so that engine works perfectly. An air filter can protect the engine fuel system until it is clean. If the air filter becomes dirty, it will fall to prevent dirt, making the mass airflow sensor dirty. Then it cannot determine the fuel level. 

Also, it causes carbon deposits from insufficient air supply to the engine. Altogether, everything results in a bad machine that turns on the check engine light. That’s the primary reason why your check engine light is on. It is not the air filter that causes the engine light to turn on; the dirty air filter causes check engine light.

How to Troubleshoot When Air Filter Cause Check Engine Light?

Maintenance is essential for vehicle engine oil and air filter. It helps the engine to operate the performance of the vehicle easily. Since the problem is a dirty air filter, just replace it. Then the check engine light won’t turn on. 

We have said about the maintenance already. Changing the engine oil and air filter every 5000 miles is recommended. When you can maintain this simple rule of keeping your engine, you prevent contaminant air filters from causing check engine light.

Final Verdict

The answer to “Can air filter cause check engine light?” is no until the air filter becomes dirty. Then, it entirely depends on the situation of the air filter. Not only for bad or dirty air filters, but any time check engine light can also be on. Whatever the reason is, you need to take it seriously. 

If it happens, don’t let it go away. It can turn a minor repair into a significant mechanical expense. 

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