Can Oil Filter Affect Oil Pressure?

Most of the time, engine and oil-related problems are connected to the oil filter. So, whenever we try to talk about an engine problem, the oil filter makes a move there. Today’s topic is oil pressure, where oil filters can play both a positive and negative role. So, today’s question is, “Can oil filter affect oil pressure?”

Oil plays a vital role in vehicle performance. Most people know that it helps the car run smoothly. And for this, you should maintain proper oil pressure. Sometimes engine repair is expensive and complicated. At that point, replacing dirty items like the oil filter or air filter may solve the problem. It can also help you to maintain oil pressure.

What Does Oil Filter Do? 

All car filters do the same job, whether it is an air filter or an oil filter. The oil filter helps remove harmful debris, dirt, and metal fragments from engine oil. And that helps the oil to keep the engine clean. That’s why oil filters are covered with dirt after a few miles of driving. So, it becomes useless. 

In a 3000 miles interval, oil goes through your oil filter around 12000 times. That’s why experts recommend changing the oil filter and engine oil every 3000 miles. Rough drivers get less time than this. Otherwise, the oil filter becomes dirty and can affect oil pressure.

What Does Happen if Oil Filter Become Dirty?

Filtering out debris means keeping your motor oil stays cleaner and longer. If the oil filter cannot filter dirty oil, you will notice different engine-related symptoms. These symptoms could be the initial reason for damage to your car engine. Here we show some terrible sides of the dirty oil filter. 

  • Bad engine sound.
  • Failed to measure oil pressure.
  • Oil burning smell.
  • Engine performance drop.
  • Motor overheating.

Oil pressure is the most dramatic issue with dirty oil filters among all these problems. And now, we will tell you how oil filters affect oil pressure.

Does Oil Filter Affect Oil Pressure?

The ideal oil pressure is different for different car models. Generally, this is considered between 25-65 PSI. An initial amount of oil pressure is required for the oil to reach all components of the engine. The oil pressure may be high or low if you find it out of range. Both low and high oil pressure is not suitable for engine health.

Oil pressure depends on how much resistance the oil encounters as it moves through the engine. And we know bad or dirty filters are covered with dirt, dust, and rust. This leads to more resistance to the oil, and the oil pressure increases. Thus, dirty oil filters can affect oil pressure.

There is another reason why oil filters affect oil pressure. We have seen some people who have used the wrong oil filter. It is a big mistake. The wrong oil filter causes a negative impact on oil pressure. It won’t work correctly in your system and may get clogged. Thus, wrong oil filter causes low oil pressure.

How to Troubleshoot Oil Filter Affects Oil Pressure?

We have described two problems, including an oil filter that affects oil pressure. Now, we will tell you two easy solutions so that oil filters cannot affect oil pressure. 

Change Dirty Oil Filter

Everyone knows this troubleshooting method. If an oil filter becomes dirty, just replace it and maintain it occasionally. Then the oil filter cannot affect oil pressure.

Use Correct Oil Filter

The wrong air filter is a problem where the correct air filter is a solution. So, ensure you install the correct oil filter compatible with your car.

Final Verdict

Here the verdict of your question, “Can oil filter affect oil pressure?” is yes if it becomes dirty. Clean materials won’t cause problems, whereas dirty things are a package of problems. Users know it, and they know what to do to get rid of dirty things. Also, don’t forget to use the proper oil filter and the valve. It will help to regulate oil pressure properly. 

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