Can You Reuse An Oil Filter? Or Do You Need To Buy A New One Every Time?

The oil filter has a small job, but it is a smart job. It removes contaminants from your car’s engine oil, which helps to keep your engine clean. By that time, it becomes dirty. Then we need to change it. But our client’s question is, “Can you reuse an oil filter?” Technically, it depends on the situation. 

You can change the oil filter whenever you change the engine oil. However, you may not always do so. Don’t be confused. We will clear the whole concept in this article.

How Long Does An Oil Filter Last?

A low-quality, cheap oil filter may not provide a good user experience. You should change them frequently, even before changing the engine oil. But a good oil filter lasts longer. An oil filter can roughly serve you 5 to 8,000 miles. If you often drive on dirt roads, your engine is exposed to airborne particles. This means you need to change the air filter timely. Otherwise, dirt particles can leak into the intake system. 

This thing is more unpredictable in diesel car engines. Here, soot particles can become large contaminants and accumulate in the filter. All this adds more contaminants and pressure on the filter. But if you ride on a clean road and don’t drive your vehicle rough, there is hope to reuse an oil filter.

What Happens If You Change The Oil But Not The Filter?

Many car owners do not want to change the oil filter if the condition looks good. This decision is not 100% safe. So, one question, “Should you reuse the oil filter?” comes to mind. But changing the oil filter after a specific time keeps your engine safe and oil clean. We need to keep it in mind. There are many benefits of changing oil filters with oil. They are-

  • It ensures proper lubrication so that engine does not wear out.
  • The engine components will remain cool.
  • Routinely oil filter changes help to remove dirt from the engine.
  • It helps to get better mileage.
  • Altogether, it is a big saving.

So, if you only change the oil but not the filter, you may see the opposite of the above benefits. Oil filters break down over time. So, if you don’t change the filter, you must watch out for the oil filter paper breaking.

Can I Use The Same Oil Filter Again?

The answer to this question is quite difficult and controversial. The importance of frequent oil filter changes cannot be overstated. But somehow, if you manage to clean the oil filter, you can extend the life of the old oil filter. However, most prefer to change the oil filter because it is not as expensive as the engine, but we have a solution for you. Check below to know how do you reuse an oil filter.

  • Unscrew the filter cup at first.
  • Rinse the filter in the water.
  • Let it dry in the air.
  • If the filter looks clean, then re-screw the filter cap.

You may need to repeat the process multiple times if the level of dirt is high. Generally, oil filters are designed to keep out dirt particles. So, the cleaner it is, the smoother the engine can run.

This means you can clean and reuse an oil filter. But a new filter is much less expensive than a new engine. To live stress-free, replacing the filter with every oil change is best.

Is there Any Lifetime Filters Available?

If you want to use reusable oil filters, you will be happy to hear that reusable oil filters exist. Pure Power Lifetime Filters are high-quality reusable oil filters. If you have this, you don’t need to worry about degrading filter life anytime. It is okay to reuse lifetime oil filters. Otherwise, disposable oil filters won’t last more than one oil change.

Final Word 

So, in the end, you must know that changing the oil filter frequently is a positive practice for keeping your engine healthy. However, you can reuse an oil filter if it is not dirty enough or after cleaning, but this is not the best decision. In that case, reusable lifetime filters are a good solution.

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