Can You Use K&N Oil on S&B Filter?

The air filter is one of the most essential parts of our car. When replacing the engine oil, you need to change this part with a perfect schedule. Maintaining an air filter is very important, and using oil in the air filter is part of maintenance. But some things become confusing for some consumers. One of the most popular oils you may have heard of is K&N. Now, many people ask, ‘Can you use K&N oil on S&B filter?’

In this article, we try to learn about oil and how to maintain S&B oil filter using K&N oil. The answer is yes. But we will discuss it in some more detail.

How to Clean An S&B Filter?

Oil filters become dirty, no doubt. Moreover, most oil filters are oil-coated, and it is essential to reduce friction. Now, there are two types of filters. One is dry, and another one is oil-coated, which is uncommon. The S&B oil filter is oil-coated. So, you cannot use regular soap and water to clean it. You need a specific cleaning chemical to clean it. 

Here we will show you how to clean S&B filter and then tell you how to oil it.

  • At first, we have to remove the air filter as always.
  • Shake it to remove large pieces of debris.
  • Then vacuum the filter to remove every small particle.
  • Spray the filter using the best chemical solution.
  • Wash the filter using a faucet.
  • Don’t dare to stretch the filter.
  • Dry until the filter gets rid of excess water.
  • Put oil on the filer and re-install it in your vehicle.

Since the S&B is an oil coater filter, you cannot use a soap and water mixture to clean it. When you don’t have an oil filter, use regular soap and water to wash the filter. Whatever method you take, don’t stretch the filter. Otherwise, it will become unusable. However, you can also use an S&B filter cleaning kit.

Can You Use K&N Oil on S&B filter?

K&N oil is a well-made air filter oil. If it is an S&B oil filter or any other oil cotton construction filter, K&N oil is a perfect match because K&N oil is an ATF fluid. This oil is good for the filter. Its primary purpose is to prevent dirt and debris. It can easily penetrate the foam cells and evaporate. It leaves a sticky residue to trap outer particles. 

Altogether, S&B is an oiled filter, and it requires good oil. And K&N oil has all specifications that can keep an air filter safe. So, you can use K&N oil on S&B filter.

How to Apply K&N Oil on S&B filter?

Once the S&B filter is completely dry, you can arrange to oil the filter. Oiling the air filter is a simple task.

  • Locate the air filter ring.
  • Apply some oil to the top of the ring.
  • Also, give some air to the middle part of the filter.
  • You can also add some oil through the grooved mesh.
  • You need to apply several coats until the oil reaches every part.

Wait a few hours; We think hours are enough to understand whether the oil is fully covered or not. If it doesn’t, reapply to the areas where the oil can’t reach properly. So, this is the way how you can use K&N oil on the S&B air filter.

Final Verdict

So, the straightforward answer of “‘Can you use K&N oil on S&B filter?” is yes. K&N oil is undoubtedly one of the best oils for oiled air filters. Not only S&B oil filter, but you can also apply it on any oil-coated filter. This oil prevents dirt, dust, and friction from providing optimum performance.

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