Do You Need a Jack to Change Oil

Do You Need a Jack to Change Oil?

If you want to change your oil, you must use essential tools, including a floor jack. You cannot change oil without lifting your car and expecting to drain the fuel tank. You must lift the car and unplug your fuel tank to drain the oil. Only then can you change your fuel safely.

When I first changed my fuel, I was unsure what to use and what not. I was not a DIY expert; therefore, I went to a garage and got the service. Then I asked Do you Need a Jack to Change oil? They also showed me how to change my engine oil and fuel tank. Since then, I have used my own experience to change oil routinely.

What Do You Need to Change Oil?

You will need some essential tools to change oil and end the entire process. These are also known as the DIY tools for the everyday worker. You can also use them for other household work. They are:

  • Wrench
  • Gloves
  • Drain Pan
  • A Funnel
  • A Jack
Do You Need a Jack to Change Oil

Do I need a Jack to Change oil?

Yes, you need a car jack to change oil by lifting your car or vehicle. Although you don’t change your car oil every day, still you must have a lifting or floor jack to lift your vehicle to have enough room to change your oil. You must have a floor jack to change the oil safely.

Changing the oil without using a jack makes it possible, but it will be a mess. You cannot change the oil if you don’t have room for moving and going under your car. It’s only possible to change oil securely by using a floor jack.

Sometimes, the floor jack will help you repair the small damages to your car. Also, if you have some experience in changing fuel tanks or repairing tires, you can use your floor jack and do these jobs securely besides changing oil.

How to Change Oil Using a Floor Jack?

You can change the oil by using a floor jack in the following steps. They are simple and easy to follow.

Step 1: Lift your Car

In the first step, you must lift your car using a floor jack. It might have a strong floor jack to roll it out and lift your car to get the perfect room. Once you have that space, you can go under the car with other tools.

Step 2: Unplug & Clean

Next, you need to open the fuel tank and drain out the oil. You need to use your removal wrench to remove the opener from the tank. Then, use your funnel to let the existing oil come from the tank. Then, clean your fuel tank.

Step:3 Change Oil

You have old oil; now it’s time to pour the fresh oil through the fuel point. You need to come and remove the floor jack. Then, open the fuel jack and pour the oil. You may also go to the nearest fuel pump and pour the new fuel into your car.

oil change ramp

Can I change oil Without Using A Jack?

You cannot change your fuel tank oil without using a jack. It’s not possible to get enough room without lifting your car. Here comes the usefulness of your floor jack. You need to use it to create that space to change the oil.

Is there anything else to use instead of Floor Jack?

You can use a mini ramp or the Kwiki lift to change your oil instead of a floor jack. You must use these jack-type lifting tools to create the best space for changing oil. Therefore, you have many options to use the jack instead of using the floor jack.

Can Floor Jack Damage Your Car?

No, the floor jack won’t damage your car unless you use a rough or damaged floor jack. Since a floor jack is a helping or lifting tool, it will come with the perfect support for holding your car balance.

Closing Words

Do you need a jack to change oil? Yes, you need this tool along with some other tools. You cannot just use the jack and change your oil. Try to buy those tools along with a jack.

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