How to Replace an Oil pump in a Chevy Silverado

How to Replace an Oil pump in a Chevy Silverado? | A Complete Guideline

Replacing an oil pump in a Chevy Silverado is not that challenging if you already have the experience of changing other oil pumps. The process remains the same, but the time will vary due to your experience and following the process.

You need to remove and detach some parts of the Chevy Silverado and then place the new one in place of the existing one. It will take an hour or more to complete the entire process of changing the oil pump.

I’ll show you how to replace an oil pump in a Chevy Silverado. So, keep reading and exploring the entire process of changing the oil pump.

Steps to Replace the Oil Pump in a Chevy Silverado

Here you go with the required steps to change the oil pump. Some steps might seem funny or an extra burden if you have the experience. You can avoid them, but the beginners will find them as the real blessings.

According to the professional’s suggestion, we have shared all steps that could help replace a newbie and an experienced guy. To change the oil pump of a Chevy Silverado, you probably face some difficulties because it is not that easy, like changing the oil filter. Before changing the oil pump, you should know about the basics of technical and mechanical issues. So it is the time to make yourself an expert in changing the oil pump in a Chevy Silverado most of the time.

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Tools that will make your job easier

  • A pair of safety gloves
  • A Jack stands
  • Wheel chocks
  • Safety goggles
  • A pan that can carry oil
  • Above all, Fixing manuals

Preliminary Step

First, you need to set the parking brake properly; otherwise, any inconvenience can occur during the changing period there. Then you need to extend the front matter by using a stand easily. If you do that properly, you could prepare to disconnect the battery connection where the central electrical power will shut down. Because when you open up the engine, it may create any sort of incident by the presence of electrical power. So the preliminary stage is the first stage where the engine is fully ready to open.

Second Step

In this step, a few essential tasks will help keep the engine safe. Here you need to remove the aerator carefully. Likewise, you need to know the significance of aerators which will cause you to figure out their presence. Next, you will remove all the oil from the car’s fuel tank so that no oil stays in the car tank. After doing this, you will carefully remove the serpentine belt attached there from the beginning. If you can complete these few tasks, then all the work of the second step will be completed.

Third Step

This step is crucial for the engine because you have to do a very professional job at this stage. If so, if you are new to this level, you can take the help of a professional to get the job done right. To get the advantage, you ought to turn the machine towards the compression stroke. If you can do this, the first step for the engine will be completed successfully. At the same time, you get permission to do your main objective: you are here to replace the oil pump from a Chevy Silverado.

Fourth Step

After completing all those above responsibilities, you are at that stage where there will be no more obstacles to touching the engine. At that point, unscrew the oil container bolt to separate the container association. Also, you should not forget that the pan should be closed very carefully and cautiously.

Fifth Step

At this stage, you will know that all the steps before you start your work have been completed. Then get ready to start the actual work without delay. By using your hand, you need to remove the oil pan holding the assembly lightly pressurized. Since it must be finished the hard way, some tension might be affected. However, you will not get any injury from it and do it confidently.

Sixth Step

Why have you done so much? This is the stage where you can decide to change the oil pump because here, you can see the internal part of the engine where the oil pump is installed correctly. After removing the oil pump, clean the entire spot and the oil pump entirely with a dry cloth and give it a chance to dry. By then, you will fathom the justification for why it is essential to change the oil pump at this point.

Final Step

Finally, inspect the oil pump that you wanted to replace instead of it. Supplant assuming everything is tremendous and introduce another pump if defective. Cautious to introduce the oil pump and converse the expulsion interaction. Now complete all the work to see that the oil pump is connected correctly to the engine. Above all, If the engine starts successfully and the car starts running well, all your work is worthwhile.

Hopefully, if you are inexperienced, this description has shown you a way on how to replace an oil pump in a Chevy Silverado. You don’t need to hire another professional for this later.

Closing Words

How to replace an oil pump in Chevy Silverado should not be your query anymore if you read the above instructions. I tried to give you everything in detail to replace your existing oil pump. You don’t need to hire a professional if you follow the steps one after the other. Besides, experienced users may skip some steps and quicken the process since the above description is for beginners. Before that, I’d suggest you re-read the process; it will help you understand better. Collect the tools first, then replace your existing oil pump with the new one.

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