Where are Purolator Oil Filters Made?

Purolator is an oil filter company that has been in business for over 90 years. The company started in 1923 and was originally located in Detroit, Michigan. In the early years, Purolator produced oil filters for the automotive industry.

Today, Purolator produces a variety of oil filters for different industries including automotive, marine, industrial, and more. The company has manufacturing facilities all over the world, but most of their products are still made in the United States.

The People Behind the Oil Filter at Purolator

Purolator is one of the most trusted names in oil filters, and for good reason. Their filters are known for their quality and durability. So, where are Purolator oil filters made?

The answer might surprise you – Purolator oil filters are actually made in China. But don’t let that dissuade you from using them, as the company has a very rigorous quality control process to ensure that each and every filter meets their high standards. In fact, Purolator even has a team of engineers based in China who work closely with the factory to oversee production and ensure that everything is up to snuff.

So rest assured that when you buy a Purolator oil filter, you’re getting a top-quality product – no matter where it was made.

Where are Fram Oil Filters Made

Fram is an American brand of oil filters, and the company has been in business since 1932. The Fram website does not list where their oil filters are manufactured. However, a quick Google search reveals that most people believe Fram oil filters are made in China.

This would make sense, as many companies outsources manufacturing to China these days in order to save on labor costs. Plus, China has become quite skilled at producing high-quality products over the years. So it’s likely that your Fram oil filter was made in China – but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad product!

Who Makes Purolator One Oil Filters?

Purolator is a brand of oil filter that is made by the Purolator Company. The company has been in business since 1923, and it makes a variety of different types of filters for both automobiles and industrial machinery. Purolator is headquartered in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

How Good are Purolator Filters?

Purolator is a company that makes filters for a variety of purposes. Some Purolator filters are designed to be used in HVAC systems, while others are meant for use in automobile engines. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how good Purolator filters are, as it depends on the specific filter and its intended purpose.

However, in general, Purolator filters are considered to be high-quality and reliable products.

Who Makes Wix Oil Filters?

WIX oil filters are made by Wix Filtration, a subsidiary of the Parker Hannifin Corporation. Headquartered in North Carolina, Wix Filtration has been manufacturing oil filters for over 50 years. Their product line includes both standard and heavy duty filters for a variety of applications.

In addition to automotive and light truck filters, Wix also makes industrial strength oil filters for use in farming, construction, and other commercial settings.

Where are Fram Oil Filters Manufactured?

Fram oil filters are manufactured in the United States, specifically in South Carolina. The company has been making filters for over 75 years and is a trusted name in the automotive industry. Fram’s commitment to quality means that their products are made to meet or exceed OEM standards.


Purolator oil filters are made in the United States. The company has a plant in Arkansas that manufactures the majority of its filters. Purolator also has plants in Mexico and Canada.

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